The art of winemaking in our days


Every winemaker can decide himself how his wine should be. Maybe it’s foamy, white or pink. Is it kept in oak barrel or no. When is the time for bottling? There are so many questions…

Sometimes everything is much easier, and the wine is made by  itself. It may be that the quality of the wine is increased by lowering the boiling temperature or by using another fermentation method. There are interesting ways to intervene in this process, they are the specialists called “Flitting Winemakers”.

”Flitting Winemakers” are those who have international level. As a rule, they receive education in Australia. When they appear it means that there are input  high standards in the field which is not enough developed or not developed at all. They are specialized in wine production technologies, and when the job is done, they travel to another region which needs their help.

But if you look at the method of not interfering with the process, then there is an interesting technology called organic winemaking. It cannot be said that the methods described above are completely compatible with each other and a combination of them is possible.

The most difficult moment in winemaking is determining the right time to actively intervene in the process. And it is also important to understand whether there is a way to leave everything as it is so that everything can go its way. A good specialist will explain that his best intervention is to determine all the potentialities of a given grape variety. The mission is now completed. If the grapes do not meet the required quality, then there is no way to make a decent wine.

Of course, in our days there are many excellent technologies that can produce pure fruit wines of any quality, but in order to be able to get real, wonderful wine, the technologies are not enough. If your goal is to produce royal and table wines, there is only one way. Do not think that everything begins when the fruits are delivered to the winery. That’s not correct. The beginning is completely different, it is the process of planting the grapes.

Translated by Nelli Miskaryan, College 1st year student

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