How to make homemade wine


Ahead of long vacations and you can spend with delicious and qualified wine not only one evening. One of the oldest man-made drinks  that attracts everyone has  not only good  taste but also health benefits.

You do not need to buy expensive bottled wine at the store in order  to make yourself a qualified wine at home You can make it yourself at home. To do so, we need to follow just a few tips that we share today.

Before preparing wine at home, prepare the necessary containers. These can be oak barrels, glass or enameled containers or buckets. Metal containers should be avoided.

Wash the containers in advance at first in cold water and then in warm water using soda. All these are  needed to remove foreign smells.

Choose only ripe seeds and fruit.The wine will not have high quality and fragrant  if it is produced from spoiled and moldy products. Cut the fruits before taking the juice. For this you can use a meat grinder or a juicer. The softer fruits are better to squeeze with a wooden spoon.

If you have decided to make white wine, it is better to choose white grapes or white currants to make the juice. In this case, the juice should be squeezed with the help of a press. It is not worth crushing the grains and fruits, as the porridge mass will produce less juice.

If you haven’t washed the fruit, then the yeast in the peel of the fruits, grains should be enough to make the juice ferment. But if you find that a week or so of fermentation has not happened, then add beer or yeast in the juice, giving about 1–2 grams of yeast.

Fill the ready-made juice with a narrow mouth into a glass cylinder or barrel, then close it with a lid or cork. Make a hole in the cork and put the hose with a stick. Put the second end in a container of water to follow the fermentation process. It is through this bubble that the carbon dioxide gas that is produced during the fermentation of the juice will come out.

Make sure the container is tightly closed so that the air does not penetrate into the barrel. To understand that everything was done right, look at the hose in the water container. If bubbles come out of it, then everything is done right.

Translated by Qnarik Haroutyunyan, College student 1-1

Աղբյուրը՝ Ինչպե՞ս պատրաստել տնական գինի

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