Is it profitable to grow you own grapes?


Grape is a cultivated plant which has been known in the world for more than 5 thousand years. Within all the crops it is on the first place with its useful properties and is considered the queen within berries, but  not in our region. The gardeners are afraid that grape vines will freeze in winter, and in summer the fruits will not become mature because of  the lack of  heat.They will become sour and small, and growing grapes will be expensive and will  economically  be unprofitable.

Is that real? I ensure you, no! It confirms my 20-year experience of growing grapes in Stavropol. In my garden I grow 100 of grape bushes, such  sorts as Amkaral, Kiziz-tan, Donakan-agat, Elegia, Eastern Dream, Rusbol, Saperavi, Cheybel, Noa and more than 20 other sorts. The yield is up to 700 — 900 grams,which has a great taste. During these years no grape vine has got a freeze in my garden, though sometimes thermometer bar was showing lower  than 30°C. If I say that I have reached all these very easy it will be wrong. It was not easy.

These years were the years of daily hard work, studies, experiments and mistakes.There  are three agricultural universities in my  educational history, many years of experience in Stavropol, good knowledge of  the regional climate. I have read hundreds of books, dozens of special magazines, I have done hundreds of experiences.

Communication and communication with representatives of the former Soviet Union and neighboring research universities allowed me to select the necessary varieties, adapt them to our conditions and design my own method of grape cultivation, to find ways to manage diseases, vines care, winter gardening.

Translated by Ani Barseghyan, College student 1-1

Աղբյուրը՝  Արդյոք շահավե՞տ է աճեցնել սեփական խաղողը

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