Why is wine made from grapes


With their chemical compounds grapes are more convenient for wine production: grapes contain 15-25% of sugar. If we compare pear or apple,we’ll see that  they contain only 12% of sugar.

Plus, this plant is very reliable and it doesn’t require much care. Grape vines are able to resist drastic temperature changes. There are regions where the climate is very cold, for example Champagne, and a little bit in Mazel, Rhein. But until -20 °С grapes can’t endure.

As for viticulture in Central Spain, grapes there can endure mostly the arid climate.

Grape vine’s roots are strong, they can go very deep into the ground, and use maximum of the existing conditions for food. Where droughts are frequent, the roots reach six meters deep and obtain moisture. In grape cultivation it is often infected with diseases, because it has no immunity to serial pesticides.

Translated by Vard Gharibyan, College 1st year student

Աղբյուրը՝ Ինչու՞ են գինին պատրաստում  խաղողից

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