Flavor and colour qualities of wine


Ninety percent of grapes is water. But the other ten percent consists of  essential nutrients that enrich the wine. One bunch of grapes has from 80 to 200 grape seeds, in this case, the important thing is the quality of the grape sorts. For example, Pinot Noir, Riesling grapes have thick fruit but little juice. And here in Italy, Piccolo’s grapes have bunches of brittle beans, each up to fifty. This type of grape produces the most expensive Italian wine.

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Is it profitable to grow you own grapes?


Grape is a cultivated plant which has been known in the world for more than 5 thousand years. Within all the crops it is on the first place with its useful properties and is considered the queen within berries, but  not in our region. The gardeners are afraid that grape vines will freeze in winter, and in summer the fruits will not become mature because of  the lack of  heat.They will become sour and small, and growing grapes will be expensive and will  economically  be unprofitable.

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How to make homemade wine


Ahead of long vacations and you can spend with delicious and qualified wine not only one evening. One of the oldest man-made drinks  that attracts everyone has  not only good  taste but also health benefits.

You do not need to buy expensive bottled wine at the store in order  to make yourself a qualified wine at home You can make it yourself at home. To do so, we need to follow just a few tips that we share today.

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